B.C.S.B. Bundesverband der Container-Servicebetriebe e.V.

Pickhuben 2
20457 Hamburg

Tel. 040 / 35 51 78-0
Fax 040 / 34 39 82

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to the Bundesverband der Container- Service Betriebe e.V.

We are an association of reputable companies providing container services concerned with all types of marine containers. The Association has members in all German-speaking parts of Europe.
These web pages provide information about our fields of operation and the companies working to our high standards.
If you want your goods to be undamaged, safe and clean when they reach your customers, then use the services of our members. Quality at affordable prices is the guiding motto of all our member companies.
The web pages that follow provide:

  • Information about our areas of activity
  • Information about our members
  • Information about our legal conditions
  • A download Info Brochure (PDF)
  • A password protected Members Forum

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